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Think you already have fibre broadband? Unless you’re one of the lucky 21%* of the UK population, chances are you have fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband (FTTC), with the final connection to your home being made by the humble copper wire that has powered UK telecommunications since the Victorian era.


Swish Fibre goes way beyond today’s broadband to transform the home and small-business experience.

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Work, surf and play beyond the limitations of today’s broadband network.

Frustrated with the constant drop-out during a family FaceTime?

Struggling to work from home when uploading large files to your business VPN? Losing out to poor latency during that all-important Battle Royale game? Sick of watching blocky boxsets on your 4K TV? Struggling to juggle the demand of active screens in your family home?


Wish you had better broadband? Wish no more.


Swish Fibre is built for the ongoing demands of households where entertainment goes beyond aerials or satellites. We are building a network where streaming goes way beyond a second screen where families have phones, tablets, laptops and 4K TVs to feed. And when technology grows and evolves, we won’t need to upgrade our network to keep you up-to-date – just this page.

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Beyond Smart

Swish has partnered with some smart creators of cloud software and platforms to bring you a truly connected experience across your home – whatever shape and size that may be. From mesh routers to blanket your home in lightning-fast wi-fi, to cutting-edge software support to keep ahead of all your smart home needs.


Just five years ago, live-streaming, gigabytes of digital downloads and frequent patches was relatively unheard of. Along with the age-old problem of latency issues during online play, the Swish network is built to take all these things in its stride.

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Endless Possibilities

The future of work, surf and play is full of endless possibilities. We’ve got it covered.


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Uplifting Uploads

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Vivid Video Calls

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Dazzling Downloads



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Safe + Secure

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Stream + Speedy

Crystal + Clear

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Zero lag


Zero limitations

Zero waiting

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& Beyond




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Top Frequently asked questions.

Let's dispel some of the myths and confusion around the question of fibre…


I have fibre broadband. What’s the big fuss?

Today, full-fibre broadband is in its infancy here in the UK. As of January 2019, only 21%* of premises use full-fibre broadband, with the majority of households relying on our vast metal copper network used for telecommunications since the Victorian era.


To put this in perspective with the rest of the world, the UK has only just joined Fibre to the Home Council Europe’s annual country rankings in 34th and last place for strongest subscriber penetration of full-fibre to the household or premises.


The previous government set a date of 2033 for full-fibre networks to cover all of the UK, at which point the copper network will be retired and replaced with a solution far better at meeting our ever-increasing demands for connectivity.


So what exactly is full-fibre broadband?

Full-fibre broadband uses fibre-optic cables to connect directly to your home or business premises. With current full-fibre speeds of around 900Mbps for both download and uploads, these networks are capable of far greater speeds still, making them infinitely upgradeable to fulfil the needs of generations of households to come.


But I already have fibre broadband?

You may be one of the lucky 21%* households that currently enjoy full-fibre broadband. However, the chances are that you have fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband (FTTC), with the final connection to your home being made by the humble copper wire.


These ‘part fibre’ broadband connections are generally much slower than full-fibre and vary significantly in speed, depending on factors such as current demands on the network by your community and how far your property is from your local exchange or cabinet.


‘Part fibre’ broadband providers are currently allowed to advertise their services using ‘fibre’ terminology.


So how can I get full-fibre broadband?

Companies like Swish Fibre are leading the way by building the new full-fibre networks of the future.


Swish Fibre will be initially building networks within a commutable distance of London and have initially identified 250,000 properties that fall into this category.  Swish has designed its first fibre networks and have put in place the supply chain and contractual agreements to ‘break ground’ as early as the last part of 2019.  


We’d love to keep you fully up to speed with progress with our ambitious build and roll-out plans for our network, including details of where and when you will be able to join Swish. You can register your interest in updates from Swish here.

Register your interest and join the Swish community.

If you'd like to hear more about the Swish journey and what' we're working on then please complete the details below.

*Ofcom Connected Nations update: Spring 2021

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We're bringing big city speeds and beyond to the Home Counties
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