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Build Updates

We're growing our Gigabit network across the UK

With hyper-fast speeds of 10,000 Mbps and a more reliable connection, Full Fibre broadband is the next generation of internet. We’re working with home builders across the UK to upgrade community networks and make Full Fibre available to everyone.


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Where we are building right now

Find out where we're currently building at street level by downloading the document below.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not covered, drop us a line and we'll get right onto answering your query.


Why is Swish Fibre coming to your community?

Swish are building Full Fibre broadband networks across the United Kingdom to help achieve the UK Government’s strategic target to extend gigabit-capable broadband to 85% of UK premises by the end of 2025 and universal coverage by around 2030. Gigabit-capable broadband means download speeds of at least 1 gigabit-per-second (1Gbps or 1,000Mbps). Swish are taking this one step further by building next-generation 10Gbps or 10,000Mbps capable Full Fibre networks to ensure you have access to the best broadband in the UK.


What are your working hours?

Construction teams: (8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday)

Customer Care: (9am-5.30pm Monday – Sunday)


What are you doing to minimise the impact of street works on local residents?

Swish is regulated by Ofcom and has Openreach communications provider status, which allows the use of existing Openreach infrastructure (telegraph poles & underground ducting) to distribute Full Fibre. This is the quickest, least disruptive and preferred method of construction. If we are in an area where this infrastructure does not exist, we must complete civils work to build new ducting that will provide residents with access to Full Fibre broadband.


Do you have permission to install cabinets in my street?

Yes. Swish Fibre has been granted Code Powers by Ofcom and all other necessary permissions to undertake the work required. We have worked closely with your local authority to ensure the planning and coordination of our build programme and all cabinet locations have been approved. 


When will you finish?

The type and length of building works will differ per town and street. We endeavour to keep each of our communities as updated as possible with personal communications on individual builds however we advise residents to refer to the Swish Fibre Build Updates page at: Permits issued to Utility companies in the UK are also available on the public website.


Will my street be closed to traffic and will you leave my street the same way you found it?

Information about the start and end date of any road closure will be published on by your local authority. Swish Fibre will be issued a permit prior to any works commencing. If we need to undertake any excavation work on the road or the pavement, we will reinstate it as close to the original surface as possible within 14-days. For example, we will re-instate existing paving slabs or apply a covering of new tarmac, which will blend into the existing pavement over time. If you have any concerns about access to your property, please get in touch with the contractors on-site and they will assist you.


What happens if I have a problem with the works being carried out?

We appreciate that any disruption can be unsettling, which is why our construction partner has been carefully selected to ensure the necessary work is completed safely and as efficiently as possible. Should you have any queries during construction, you will find a permit board attached to the barriers with contact details for the local contractor.  You can otherwise contact us on: Tel: 0800 048 9415 / E-mail:


In case of emergency – 24/7 line open:

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please refer to the 24/7 number attached to the permit board on the barriers. Permits are in-place with strict response times which fall under two categories for escalation. Category 1 emergencies which may be classed as a danger or hazard to the public will be responded to and made safe within 2 hours while Category 2 cases come with an 8-hour response time. The emergency line is open 24/7.


When will I be able to connect to Swish Fibre?

We’ll be in touch with you once your home is ready to be connected to the Swish Fibre network. In the meantime, you can register your interest at to be kept up-to-date on progress.

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