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Full Fibre broadband that won't let your business down

Whatever the size of your business, our Full Fibre broadband is designed with you in mind.

Lightning-fast Gigabit speeds with no delay

Download as fast as you upload, 24/7

Dedicated support from our Help Desk, 7 days a week

"The connection speed has been excellent and, most of all, reliable. We really value having someone we could get in touch with and who was able to answer queries in a timely manner.  Highly recommend Swish Fibre’s service and couldn’t be without it for our business at Keeeps”
Tamra Booth, Founder, Keeeps Pottery

Get a competition-beating connection with our fast, secure and reliable service

Game-changing speeds

With connection speeds up to 8,000 Mbps, you can count on crystal clear conferencing, lightning-fast file transfers and seamless cloud-based working, at all times.

Reliability you can count on

With ultra-low outage rates and our commitment to speedy fixes, our Full Fibre broadband won’t let you down at peak times - no matter what you throw at it.

Support every

step of the way

From install to everyday, our

dedicated business support team are here 7 days a week between (insert times here) to help when you need it.

Money back guarantee

We do our best to fix issues within 5 working hours, and if it takes us longer, you’ll get a refund for the whole day.

600 Mbps Upload + Download

Designed for dynamic office-based businesses with super speeds and reassurance of service, giving you the platform to move your IT to the next level.

5-hour Service Level Agreement

12-month contract


Per month


One-off activation fee

900 Mbps Upload + Download

A blisteringly-fast powerhouse service for small businesses that heavily rely on technology and the internet throughout every department. 

5-hour Service Level Agreement

12-month contract


Per month


One-off activation fee

8000 Mbps Upload + Download

The flagship service recommended for medium-sized businesses that live and breathe technology in a fast-paced and connected environment.

5-hour Service Level Agreement

Contract terms on application


Per month


One-off activation fee

Contract required for all Business Plans.

Monthly costs exclude Installation Costs (price subject to survey).

Different factors can affect your Wi-Fi signal and speed, so actual speeds may vary.

A game-changing service to support your business goals

Cloud-friendly service

Choose the right Static IP address option for you

Future-ready 10 Gigabit-capable network

Equal download and upload speeds

Future-proofed against upcoming changes to national networks


Gigabit broadband voucher scheme

Swish fibre are proud to be working alongside the UK Government, supporting the Gigabit Broadband voucher scheme, to bring Full Fibre Broadband to people and businesses experiencing slow broadband speeds in rural areas.


The scheme helps Swish Fibre to deliver the UK’s fastest Full Fibre broadband networkD direct to you, with no risk or additional cost to you.


Register your interest and join the Swish community.

If you'd like to hear more about the Swish journey and what' we're working on then please complete the details below.

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