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Do more and get ahead with Full Fibre that means business

Whatever your business needs, our range of lightning fast fibre broadband services will provide you with a secure and reliable connection that will give you peace of mind and help get things done.


Go beyond today’s broadband and bring Full Fibre into the heart of your business with Swish.

Blistering Gigabit speeds with low latency

Equal upload and download speeds 24/7

Dedicated Help Desk support 7 days a week

"The connection speed has been excellent and most of all reliable. We really value having someone we could get in touch with and who was able to answer queries in a timely manner.  Highly recommend Swish Fibre’s service and couldn’t be without it for our business at Keeeps”
Tamra Booth, Founder Keeeps Pottery

Get ahead of the competition with a fast, secure and reliable service

We support small to medium sizes businesses of all shapes, sizes and needs with our bespoke packages. Our most popular packages start at 600 Mbps and rises to a seriously fast 8,000 Mbps. Static IP Address are available with all plans.


Lightning fast out of the blocks, low latency, reliable and dedicated Help Desk.

Lightning fast

out of the blocks

Say hello to crystal clear video calls and blistering upload speeds to enable quick file-transfers and cloud-based working - all year round.

Blistering speed

for all activities

Our tailored business service offers endless possibilities and makes light work of the heaviest activities and needs of your organisation.

With you every

step of the way

For hands-on support, you can reach our dedicated business support team throughout the working week and weekend.

Always on,

never too busy

You won’t have to worry about broadband speeds being throttled or dropping out at peak times, or any other time, ever again.

600 Mbps Upload + Download

Designed for dynamic office-based businesses with super speeds and reassurance of service, giving you the platform to move your IT to the next level

5-hour Service Level Agreement

12-month contract


Per month


One-off activation fee

900 Mbps Upload + Download

A blisteringly-fast powerhouse service for small businesses that heavily rely on technology and the internet throughout every department. 

5-hour Service Level Agreement

12-month contract


Per month


One-off activation fee

8000 Mbps Upload + Download

The flagship service recommended for medium-sized businesses that live and breathe technology in a fast-paced and connected environment.

5-hour Service Level Agreement

Contract terms on application


Per month


One-off activation fee

Contract required for all Business Plans.

Monthly costs exclude Installation Costs (price subject to survey).

Due to the constant variables affecting signal and speed of your Wi-Fi and your chosen package, actual speeds may fluctuate.

A game-changing service to support your business goals

Cloud-friendly service

Video calls, voice over IP and cloud-based business tools all work far more smoothly so you can banish the buffering and spinning wheel problems of old.

Static IP Address

If you need to host your own network equipment and servers, or need a VPN to enable remote access, having a fixed IP address is vital. We provide a range of static IP address options, so you can choose the right one for you.

10,000 Mbps network

Our XGS-PON 10-Gigabit-capable symmetric passive optical access network, built to scale up to speeds of 10Gbit/s in future in line with demand.

Symmetric speeds

Your business benefits from identical upload and download speeds. Transform how you do things with faster file uploads.

Future proofed

Avoid the impact of the upcoming withdrawal of the PSTN and ISDN, making your business future proofed for decades to come.


Gigabit broadband voucher scheme

Swish fibre are proud to be working alongside the UK Government, supporting the Gigabit Broadband voucher scheme, to bring Full Fibre Broadband to people experiencing slow broadband speeds in rural areas.


The scheme helps Swish Fibre to deliver the UK’s fastest Full Fibre broadband network  direct to you, with no risk or additional cost to you.

Peace of mind and boosted business benefits

Swish Fibre is a true game changer for industries such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics, software development and security. Along with the fastest speeds in town, our Business solutions come with increased reliability and lower latency, enabling it to process high volumes of data much quicker than other broadband services, optimising productivity and efficiency for businesses.


But there is more to a great broadband service than speed alone, which is why Swish Fibre for Business comes with a dedicated Business Help Desk and SLA that aims to fix issues within 5 working hours or receive a refund for each day late from any outage.

Enjoy the best broadband in the UK for your business.

Every day we're late is a day's refund

Our UK-based support technicians live and breathe telecoms and technology, delivering customer service focused on speedy fault resolution. Our SLA aims to fix issues within 5 working hours or receive a refund for each day we are late.

Dedicated Help-Desk seven days a week

You can reach our dedicated support team Monday to Sunday, who are experienced in supporting businesses to get the most from their next-generation Full Fibre broadband connection.


Beyond Broadband for Business

A service designed to help you work smarter beyond the limitations of today’s part-fibre broadband networks.

Uplifting uploads
Vivid video calls

Safe and secure
Low latency


Register your interest and join the Swish community.

If you'd like to hear more about the Swish journey and what' we're working on then please complete the details below.

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