GIS Engineer

Taking a leading role in the development and management of GIS knowledge, development and integration across the Swish business.   Many of Swish’s functions rely on insights gained from being able to interpret and understand geo related data and how they can drive towards the creation of competitive advantage.

Responsible for:

As a GIS Engineer you will have good knowledge and understanding of GIS toolsets, methods, applications and ways to extract business insight.  Key responsibilities are:


  • Managing the GIS data toolset, structure and systems used

  • Ownership if GIS data

  • Working with departmental stakeholders to leverage the power of GIS to improve knowledge, time to market, accuracy of data & improved decision making

  • Integration of GIS into the Swish OSS / BSS and sales prospecting functions

  • Develop a library of public & private GIS datasets which can be leveraged for performance improvement across the business

  • Manage commercially available GIS artefacts within the Swish portfolio

  • Create and publish maps and web applications to deliver geographic content to the business

  • Work closely with the Fibre Design team to enable automation and validation of design

Core skills required:

  • Experience in setting up and managing GIS systems ideally within the telecoms industry

  • Demonstrates a keen understanding of spatial data, algorithms and analysis

  • Knowledge of OS datasets (e.g. Address Base, Mastermap etc)

  • Experience of ArcGIS / QGIS

  • Experience of integrating GIS data into other business systems and processes

  • Possesses the ability to build models in order to create an efficient workflow.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of cartography

  • Experience automating workflows in a spatial context

  • Coding ability in Python

  • Firm understanding of relational databases, geodatabases and SQL

  • A sense of curiosity and an ability to break a complex problem into manageable parts

  • A passion teamwork and communication

  • Ideally knowledge and experience of using GIS within a FTTP business or context

  • Ideally knowledge and experience of using Geo data within dashboards and KPIs

Our strategic goals:

  • To be recognised as the leading local provider of broadband services in terms of quality and value to our customers in the areas we operate

  • To have a reputation for building cost efficient reliable and secure networks for our customers (HSE, Quality, Data protection)

  • To be responsive to changes in the market, technology and customer needs (agile, proactive, flexible)

  • To meet our long-term strategic plan by being focus on our KPI 

  • To be a company where people want to come and work and grow ( team before individual empowerment, diversity, passion, ethics and recognition rich-culture.

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GIS Engineer role.

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