Design Partner Specialist

Designing and Building the Swish Network is the next main focus of the business as we aim to meet our ambitious role out plan, and it is time to recruit a Design Partner Specialist to support the next stage of our growth.

The Design Partner Specialist will play a vital role in ensuring we deliver accurate and efficient designs to our build teams and in effectively managing changes required as we go through the plan and build lifecycle. The Design Partner Specialist will work closely with all departments across the business to ensure that data accuracy and integrity so that we build a best in class network and customer experience. 

The role will require working closely with the Senior Design Manager to develop the Design Rules (Network Architecture) and lead our Partner Teams, to ensure the output is to the required standards. Our Designs are to be produced with Quality, Safety and Efficiency in mind whilst meeting the PIA regulations. Creating a culture of sharing best practice and close team-work is absolutely vital.

This is all to  support our goal of delivering FTTP to 250k homes in the next five years.

Responsible for:

  • Responsible for leading our current Design Partners – ensuring that the following is in place -

    • Co-Agreed KPI’s

    • MIS (Reporting)

    • Quality - Meets the required standards as set out by Swish

    • Safety and Hazard Identification meets the required standard

    • Efficiency in Design – in terms of Cost Point & PIA Usage

  • Conducting Site Visits to ensure that Surveying Team Surveying Team are working safely & to the correct standard and hold regular performance dialogue with the Partner Teams

  • Upholding QGIS criteria, in order to ensure smooth export into IQGEO

  • Liaise with Partner Survey and Test Rod & Rope crews, to ensure Instrusive surveys are carried out to Swish standards & manage the reports back into Post Survey Design teams

  • Ensure the Designers cluster homes into Primary Node areas and optimise spine routing, as part of High Level Design and ensure the Designers use the Design Rules (Network Architecture) to plan large scale FTTP distribution networks, as part of Low Level Design, utilising a healthy mixture of PIA & new Swish Network

  • Present FTTP solutions to the Senior Design Manager(s) & relevant stakeholders as part of regular review meetings as well as engaging with Field Project Managers to actively seek feedback with continuous improvement in mind.

  • Ensure the Designers produce Job Packs for Proactive Civils identified at Survey Stage, and similarly for Reactive Civils identified at Build Stage and contribute towards the evolution of the Design Rules, and capture ‘best practice’ with innovation / safety / quality in mind and capture and facilitate Design Change Requests (In Life Changes) that are identified during Build Stage, to uphold network record integrity

Core skills required:

  • Strong Communication and Stakeholder management skills as well as evidence of Leading Teams to drive for successful outcomes

  • Experience Matrix Leading Virtual Teams – Globally

  • Awareness of CDM – more specifically CDM Principal Designer responsibilities

  • Experience of working in/around the Openreach network and a strong knowledge of PIA

  • Demonstrates an analytical skillset to understand the full impact of changes on the design and associated outputs

  • Experience of FTTP networks & Survey processes and FTTP Network Architecture

  • Understanding of Desk based Design Software & Field based Design Software

  • Knowledge and experience using QGIS or other similar GIS platforms to design fibre networks (e.g. Qfield / ArcGis)

  • Full Driving License that permits you to drive a vehicle in the UK.

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Design Partner Specialist role.

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