True ultrafast fibre optic broadband

is coming.

Swish Fibre delivers true ultrafast fibre optic broadband, connecting families and businesses to consistent and lightning fast speeds via a network that is endlessly upgradable and future-proofed for generations.

Helping people work, surf and play beyond the limitations of today’s broadband network

Swish Fibre is a new name in the UFOB market but is made up of a highly experienced team who have the capabilities to identify, build and support a series of UFOB networks that will deliver high quality broadband services to customers and high returns to its shareholders.

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Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband (UFOB) will provide broadband connectivity to the majority of homes and businesses across the UK by 2033.  With the UK ranking 35th for broadband speed worldwide and with only 4% of properties with UFOB coverage, over 25 million properties need to be connected to this new technology.

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