Head of Design

Responsible for the design delivery of FTTH projects involving PIA work including fibre (cabling / splicing) - underground and overhead works

Responsible for:

  • Responsible for the design delivery of FTTH projects involving PIA work including fibre (cabling / splicing) - underground and overhead works

  • Creating the design and planning policy for network builds; ensuring cost effective solutions are being provided

  • Work with commercial to ensure that all projects are fit for purpose

  • Liaise with project managers on project handover meetings and during the course of the construction phase

  • Drive contractor issues with design/delivery through continuous dialogue throughout construction phase and attending Swish Fibre/Supplier meetings to manage delays through Design queries to resolution

  • Overall responsible for managing and completing required key stages within Project Plan requirements and delivery dates

  • Managing a team responsible for collating and validating survey information before progressing to construction

  • Ensure aggregation and backhaul links provided by the central team are achievable and added to the technical designs

  • Assist in resolving design queries during the construction stage

  • Overall responsibility for the management of the fibre design process and validation of returned designs against surveyed areas

  • Designs and sets up the requirements for the design and planning department: structure, people, processes, objectives.

  • Prepares proposals and site plans in conformance with codes and local and national regulations

  • Works closely with the Civils and Design contractors to deliver the growth plans for the company

  • Handles design, site plans, special-use permits, and related materials

  • Gathers relevant statistical data and drafts reports on issues such as property information, occupancy rates, and land use etc

  • Presents design, planning and development proposals to the business

  • Sets schedules, deliverables and action plans for the design projects and their development

  • Internally develops, grows and manages the design team and externally manages the performance of the Design contractors

  • Prepares budget and oversees expenditures

  • Sets goals, policies, and procedures for the design and planning projects

  • Works with the Wayleave and legal teams to interpret and evaluate legal documents and relevant legislation to assess impact on projects

  • Produce relevant reports as required to show progress against targets and budgetary knowledge and management reports as required

Core skills required:

  • Design and Planning experience within the telecommunications fibre space and understands construction design and civils

  • Experience using automated design tools such as Setics Sttar, FibrePlanIT, 3-GIS or similar

  • Previous experience in the design of fibre networks with a particular focus on FTTH

  • Proven track record of running and managing successful design teams.

  • Strong programme management skills, works on multiple design projects for multiple towns

  • Excellent communication and influencing skills

Our strategic goals:

  • To be recognised as the leading local provider of broadband services in terms of quality and value to our customers in the areas we operate.

  • To have a reputation for building cost efficient reliable and secure networks for our customers (HSE, Quality, Data protection).

  • To be responsive to changes in the market, technology and customer needs (agile, proactive, flexible).

  • To meet our long-term strategic plan by being focus on our KPI. 

  • To be a company where people want to come and work and grow ( team before individual empowerment, diversity, passion, ethics and recognition rich-culture.

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