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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022

Get lightning-fast Full Fibre broadband,
and receive the equivalent of
6 months free, with an 18-month price-locked contract.


150 Mbps Upload + Download

Get the lightning fast speeds and reliability of Full Fibre in your home, to work, surf and play like never before.

18 month contract

£30** £20 per month

£50 one-off activation fee

No Contract.
Alternatively, if you'd like all the power of Full Fibre without the contract, that's no problem.

Rolling monthly contract means you can leave by giving only 8 working days’ notice.

** £30pm for monthly Swish 150 rolling contract, contact us for details

400 Mbps Upload + Download

Offering lightning speeds for larger households that regularly hit the internet to stream, surf and play all at the same time - day or night. 

18 month contract

£45 £30 per month

£50 one-off activation fee

Rolling monthly contract

£45 per month

£50 one-off activation fee

900 Mbps Upload + Download

Perfect for anything you throw at it! Blistering speeds make light work of the heavy lifting, serving large families, power users and serious gamers with ease.

18 month contract

£75 £50 per month

£50 one-off activation fee

Rolling monthly contract

£75 per month

£50 one-off activation fee

* This great value offer means you’ll receive the equivalent of 6 months free broadband over the course of the 18 month contract.


Stream On

Our services deliver bags of bandwidth to handle concurrent streams.

Game On

Low latency rates make the difference between life and death in online battles.

Always On

With equal download and upload speeds, video calls and working from home are a breeze. 

On Your Terms

Choose between a month-to-month or a long term relationship with with us.

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What Your Neighbours Say

Swish Fibre is a Full Fibre broadband provider, bringing truly exceptional connectivity services to homes and businesses. Our goal is clear and simple – to improve lifestyles and enhance communities by instantly connecting people and businesses beyond today’s broadband.

** Speed test taken on 28 May 2021, click here for full details.

Join the UK's fastest broadband network**

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