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Designing and Building the Swish Network is the next main focus of the business as we aim to meet our ambitious role out plan, and it is time to recruit a Fibre Network Designer to support the next stage of our growth. The Fibre Network Designer will play a vital role in ensuring we deliver accurate and efficient designs to our build teams and in effectively managing changes required as we go through the plan and build lifecycle The Fibre Network Designer will work closely with all departments across the business to ensure that data accuracy and integrity so that we build a best in class network and customer experience.  The role will require designing the network and site surveys part of the role


To support with our goal of 250k homes in the next five years.

Responsible for:

  • Ghost Plan design validations

  • Site Surveys of Swish & PIA networks

  • QGIS and IQGEO updates

  • Liaise with Test Rod & Rope crews to ensure Instrusive surveys are carried out to Swish standards & manage the reports back into Post Survey teams

  • Create, edit and improve all aspects of a Fibre design job pack and work with construction teams to improve output quality

  • Undertake on site surveys and complete efficient designs for MDUs to help Swish drive down the overall cost per home

  • Work with other stakeholders across Swish to ensure wider business objectives are met.

  • Ensure the accuracy of network records and that all design changes are fully reflected in all relevant documentation

  • Demonstrate an analytical skillset to understand the full impact of changes on the design and associated outputs

  • Experience of both desk based planning and field surveying- ability to record information from the field and then use that to issue or change designs

  • ODF Planning

Core skills required:

  • Experience of working with design houses/planning contractors & vendors

  • Experience of FTTP networks & processes

  • Understanding of different FTTP Network topologies

  • QGIS experience & Detailed knowledge of PIA product from Openreach

  • Project Management Experience

  • Openreach S11, S13 and  N23/M23 preferred but not mandatory

  • Experience designing large scale FTTP networks with detailed  understanding of network topologies and architectures

  • Experience of working in/designing around the Openreach network and a strong knowledge of how PIA work

  • Detailed knowledge and experience using QGIS or other similar GIS platforms to design fibre networks

  • Demonstratable experience of managing change to network designs and how to accurately record and communicate the impact of that change

  • Openreach PIA accreditations for survey and install would be desirable

  • Full Driving License that permits you to drive a vehicle in the UK.


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Mobile Designer role.

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