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Swish Fibre apply for Code Powers from Ofcom

Swish Fibre’s Code Powers application was announced today, bringing the new name for full fibre optic broadband tantalisingly closer to realising its vision for better connected people, business and services across the UK.

Swish Fibre will be initially building networks within a commutable distance of London and have initially identified 250,000 properties that fall into this category.  Swish has designed its first fibre networks and have put in place the supply chain and contractual agreements to ‘break ground’ as early as Q4 2019.  Swish Fibre’s Code Powers application announced today is a key part of these deployment plans.

Swish are already recognised by Openreach as a Communications Provider and will be using a combination of Openreach PIA ducts and poles, along with a newly built ducted network of their own to deliver their full fibre optic broadband service.

Swish Fibre’s leadership team has deep and extensive experience across fibre optic and utility projects worldwide. Brice Yharrassarry (CEO) and Conor Nolan (COO) have successfully built large-scale global utility projects, while Alistair Goulden (CMO) and Chris Cope (CTO) have an equal track record for delivery in the telecoms industry here in the UK.

Commenting on the application, Brice Yharrassarry, CEO of Swish Fibre, said:

“We are delighted to be in the final stages of receiving our Code Powers from Ofcom.  Combined with our Openreach Communication Provider status this will help us accelerate our build plans.”

Alistair Goulden,
Swish Fibre Ltd.

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