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Building the Swish Network is the next focus of the business and it is time to recruit a PIA Process Manager to support the next stage of growth. The PIA Process Manager’s role is to ensure that all Notice of Intents (NOI’s) and Network Adjustments (NA’s) are properly managed on the Openreach Portal.


The PIA Process Manager will ensure the business is operating in accordance with all the governance set out in the PIA Agreement and Openreach Engineering Rules. The PIA Process Manager will also be in regular contact with the build contractor and work closely with their admin department to assist with any issues that might affect progress of the build.

Role Summary:

  • Compliance with Openreach engineering rules and in-depth knowledge of all the regulations is essential.

  • Demonstrate analytical and process driven skill set to manage real time data that has an impact on the delivery of each project.

  • Ensure where about notices are in place whilst contractor is working on the Openreach Network.

  • Assist the contractor in managing the Network Adjustments and deciding together which ones will be arranged by Openreach and the ones completed by the contractor.

  • Place the orders of the NOI’s in accordance to the timing stipulated in the engineering rules set out by Openreach.

  • Regularly update the NOI’s with actual data.

  • Carry out final audit to ensure NOI update is complete before closing each NOI

  • Record a register of PIANO reference numbers that are in place and active.

  • Update the dashboards to notify all the Ops team and contractor of number of active NOIs.

  • Create a RAG status for NOI’s nearing expiry and flagging to the PM any that are in danger of going over the agreed 12-month time limit set by Openreach.

  • Build a good relationship with Openreach representative/account manager and manage any extensions that might be required.

  • Keep in regular contact with Openreach account manager.

  • Responsible for assisting the contractor on all the rod and roping activity and ensuring the contractor has put in place all the relevant notices to the council and Openreach where appropriate.

  • Be the point of contact for the newly introduced Openreach CANDID tracking system of audits, defect reporting and incident management.

  • Regular communication with PM and contractor to ensure the NOI’s are opened within the required time prior to the contractor starting work on Openreach Network.

  • Firm handle on the costs always associated on the open NOI’s and NA’s and create a reporting structure easily accessible for the PM to have transparency.

  • Work closely with the contractor to ensure Symbology is up to date and the opening notice schedule reflects the intended works set out in the activity schedule

  • Attend monthly and fortnightly Openreach PIA Agile collaborative meetings and summarise meeting notes and update PM and wider Ops team of any major changes that affect the network rollout. A lot of change is happening in the next 12 months.

  • Work closely with the Project Manager and produce a summary of the activity schedule for each project for the upcoming two weeks for the COO. Highlight any changes the Project Manager has authorised from the original activity schedule.

  • Recruits, trains and manages PIA admin staff as the business demands grow.

  • Manage the COO’s Openreach Portal account ensuring the account never expires. Notify of new password each 60 days.

Key Skills:

  • Good communication skills.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • Business acumen

  • The ability to stay calm under pressure and meet tight deadlines

  • The ability to remain flexible and seek alternative options to problems

  • Good Organisation Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft 365, Excel and PowerPoint

Key Experience:

  • An understanding of the technical part of the network rollout is required

  • Ability to read SLD and plans

Professional Skills and Background:

  • GIS knowledge is desirable.

  • Driving licence essential.

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