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Building Smart Homes: Why should telecoms be at the top of every new development checklist?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

couple designing their home

Picture this.. your homeowners open the door to their brand-new home for the first time. They are greeted by the latest architectural features, up-to-date kitchen appliances and modern security features that took an appropriate amount of time to research and procure. But suddenly they are connected to the same old sluggish broadband they thought they left behind at the old place – so slow they can’t benefit from all the latest technology features. That New Home feeling suddenly turns into a New Home Disappointment.

Brand-new homes deserve nothing less than a strong and reliable brand-new type of broadband that requires consideration and exceeds all expectations of homeowners, unlocking the lifestyle of their new home. It’s simple, when brand new luxury properties are built, the wrong broadband connection will downgrade its’ overall specification.

Why is broadband such an important consideration for developers?

Society is at crossroads between what we’re able to do online versus what regular broadband can sustain, and 39% of buyers won’t even consider a property with a sluggish broadband service[1] . Developers need to future proof their properties, which is exactly what full fibre offers. Reports suggest that by 2023 the average home will have over 50 connected devices, compared to today’s current average of 10. This will only increase, and with the advent of the metaverse alongside the latest fitness and gaming equipment requiring enormous bandwidth, the UK’s current broadband infrastructure, which relies on part fibre connections, will not be able to support our current or future needs.

Telecoms, just like all utilities, ensures a home can operate effectively; it enables the lifestyle new developments are selling and in some respects, powerful and reliable connectivity for smart appliances and exercise equipment is a much more important consideration for buyers than soft furnishings.

What is the solution for developers?

Connectivity service specifications need to be considered as a vital factor in the pre-build phase so that the right supplier can be chosen based on its product and service, not out of ease. Using a 100% full fibre optic provider that can scale up to 10,000Mbps and potentially even greater speeds in the future will do just that.

Technology is a central part of the lifestyle buyers are looking for and therefore should be specified and marketed accordingly. By choosing the right provider at the start of the build, the construction site, offices and showrooms will all benefit from the connection. Most importantly for the new owner, their internet connection can go live when they move in, without having to wait for the installation.


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