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Faster footy - Is streaming set to become the most popular way to watch live football?

Fans are moving to streaming platforms to watch football (Image: Shutterstock)
Fans are moving to streaming platforms to watch football (Image: Shutterstock)

Other than going to see the match live, broadcast television has long been the preferred way for most fans to watch football. But is that set to change?

This week saw record surges of data traffic reported across UK broadband ISPs during Premier League football matches which were streamed on Amazon.

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) reported a new record peak of 7.179TBPS (terabits per second), while TalkTalk hit a new high of 9.105Tbps on Wednesday night at 9.20pm.

Swish also experienced the highest peak we’ve observed on our network to date, which our service was easily able to handle.

Top teams including Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea were all playing on Wednesday night, which is presumed to have caused the spikes.

While traditionally TV streamed via the internet has been centred around planned programming such as series and films, Amazon have cracked the live sports market in a dominant way by streaming the fixtures on Amazon Prime Video.

Alistair Goulden, Chief Marketing Officer at Swish, said: “Sports fans are rapidly moving over to streaming platforms to watch their favourite teams play. This is yet another reason why fast, reliable broadband is an absolutely necessity in every UK home.”

Amazon have moved into the football broadband market at a key time, with the FIFA World Cup next month expected to pull in millions (if not billions) of viewers from around the world.

Want to stream football live but don’t want to worry about grainy image or dropped connections? Upgrade to Full Fibre broadband from Swish and don’t miss a single second of the action.


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