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Great news! Your home will soon be able to get Full Fibre broadband.

If you’ve landed on this page via an email link or conversation with a member of the Swish Team, then we’re nearly ready to connect your home to our Full Fibre network. To get Swish as soon as possible, please complete the pre-order form at the foot of this page.

Swish Fibre is launching with two speed plans that are lightyears ahead. Each plan comes with a free router, free standard installation and a great range of optional add-ons to help make the most of your advanced new broadband connection.

All products and pricing featured on this page relate to our Home Service only and are inclusive of VAT as applicable.

400 Mbps Upload + Download

Great for most households. Offering lightning speeds for a household of four that regularly hit the internet to stream, surf and play at the same time - day or night. 


Per month


One-off activation fee

900 Mbps Upload + Download

Perfect for anything you want to throw at us! Blistering speeds make light work of your heavy lifting, serving up large families, power users and serious gamers with ease.


Per month


One-off activation fee


No long-term contract, leave at any time

You can leave by giving only 8 working days notice before your next monthly billing date.


Free Swish Fibre
router worth £120

Our incredible router is specifically designed to deliver lightning fast speeds


Free Standard
Installation worth £200

Most homes don't require a bespoke installation, so yours could be free


Free Swish Wi-Fi

Smart Wi-Fi software improves performance from behind-the-scenes

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Key information

Static IP Address Add-On

Having a Static IP Address is perfect for when you want to install CCTV at your home, host your own website, run a server or email server, or create a VPN and access your computer from anywhere.

Swish Call-forwarding Add-On

Keep your landline number with calls forwarded to your mobile. This service is ideal for homes that would like to remove their monthly line rental service and related charges and use their mobile phone to receive calls from their landline number. Call forwarding is subject to a maximum of 2,500 minutes of inbound calls per month. If this is exceeded we have the right to suspend the service.

Fibre speed

400Mbps and 900Mbps are the speeds delivered into your home. Due to the constant variables affecting signal and speed of your Wi-Fi and your chosen package, actual speeds may fluctuate slightly. 900Mbps speed is not achievable by a single device over Wi-Fi – for this speed a wired connection is required.


Swish Fibre Networks Limited


Your contract will be with Swish Fibre Networks Limited (registered office at 6th Floor, 33 Holborn, London, England, EC1N 2HT and registered company number 12757642).

No long-term contract, leave at any time

Your contract with us has no fixed commitment period and you will be billed monthly from the date of activation. Should you wish to leave, a minimum 8 working days’ notice is required before your next billing date, otherwise you will be charged to the end of your following billing period.


Home Service


By placing your order, you acknowledge that you are purchasing a “Home Service” as defined in the Terms for Residential Services.

What is standard installation?

A Standard Installation means that the network termination point in your property is a) no more than 20 metres from the fibre Point of Termination (POT) near the boundary of your property; b) no more than 10 metres from its entry point into the property; and c) there are no specialist surfaces or landscaping features to navigate on your property during the installation process. By placing your pre-order through this website, you are placing it on the understanding that you are entitled to a standard installation. If your property requires a non-standard installation we will contact you to discuss your options

Swish Fibre Ltd (Reg. No: 11486930) is a company registered in England and Wales  © 2020, Swish Fibre Ltd

Business address: Ingestre Court, Ingestre Place, London W1F 0JL


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