Swish Fibre is a Full Fibre broadband provider, bringing truly exceptional connectivity services to homes and businesses. Our goal is clear and simple – to improve lifestyles and enhance communities by instantly connecting people and businesses beyond today’s broadband.


Stream On

Our base 400 Mbps service delivers bags of bandwidth for countless concurrent streams.

Game On

Low latency rates make the difference between life and death in online battles.

Always On

With equal download and upload speeds, video calls and working from home are a breeze. 

Rolling monthly contract means you can leave by giving only 8 working days’ notice.

No Contract

Swish 400 product

400 Mbps Upload + Download

Great for most households. Offering lightning speeds for a household of four that regularly hit the internet to stream, surf and play at the same time - day or night. 



Per month

Activation fee

Swish 900 product

900 Mbps Upload + Download

Perfect for anything you want to throw at us! Blistering speeds make light work of your heavy lifting, serving up large families, power users and serious gamers with ease.



Per month

Activation fee