User Trials

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Swish Fibre Limited (“Swish Fibre”) user trials. We anticipate installing and connecting triallists sometime in July or August.  If we accept your application, you will have access to a free connection until the end of December with no obligation to buy. 

All we ask of you is to allow our engineers to install the necessary equipment in your home, and use our service instead of your normal broadband (but please don’t disconnect your existing service until you are ready to fully switch to Swish Fibre).  We may ask you for feedback and may swap out some equipment whilst we test the service.  Our User Trial Guide gives you more details.

By completing and submitting this application form, you are applying to be part of our user trials.  If we accept your application, we will let you know by email (emailing you at the address provided below), at which point a contract with have come into existence between you and us. 

Should we accept your application, you agree that the Trial Terms for the Swish Fibre User Trials will apply to your User Trial.

Application Form

To improve the likelihood of success with your application, please complete all required fields (denoted with an asterisk) as accurately as possible.

Thank you for completing the application form

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