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Maximise your connection
with Wi-Fi 6

  • The speeds you need, 24/7

  • No more Wi-Fi black-spots or slowdown

  • Perfect for busy households with lots of devices

  • Future-proof your network for future devices


Why choose Wi-Fi 6?

Whether you're a gamer, have multiple smart devices such as door bells, cameras, appliances — work from home or love to stream videos? Then Wi-Fi 6 is for you.


With faster speeds, device prioritisation and added security protection, Wi-Fi 6 works beautifully with the next generation of devices, delivering maximum performance and coverage within your home. 

Gamers and
smart home users

Make your smart home a reality. Connect up to 40 devices per node and run them more efficiently, with greater control and consistently higher speeds.


Got a household full of devices - no problem. With Swish Wi-Fi 6, you can connect more devices than ever without it taking a toll on your connection.  



Perfect for larger households and older houses with thick stone walls. Easily positioned nodes mean no more frustrating black-spots.

Say goodbye to connection black-spots.

Swish Wi-Fi 6 brings faster and more efficient Wi-Fi to your home. Next generation technology allows you to connect more devices than ever before with improved range and stability.

Next-generation coverage for every generation in your home


Easy to position


The router and nodes are easy to position around your home to maximise coverage.

Long-range connection

Provides a faster, longer range connection, meaning  fewer nodes are needed.

Extra Ethernet ports


Three additional Ethernet ports to hardwire more devices into.


WPS Button


Connect to a secure wireless network from a computer, printer or other devices easier.


Same unit for router
and nodes


You get the same great product to extend reach across your home.

Complete control of your home's Wi-Fi at your fingertips


List of devices


Get a list of connected and offline devices.

Guest Networks

Give visitors temporary access to your Wi-Fi without sharing your master password.

Parental Controls

Manage kids' device access times and block specific websites.


Security Updates

Your Wi-Fi is kept safe with Automatic Firmware updates.


Device Prioritisation

Assign your devices connection prioritisation.


24/7 remote access

Control your Wi-Fi anywhere and open ports remotely to access network devices.


Wi-Fi & Networks

Easily change network and Wi-Fi passwords and manage routers in one place.


Device Scheduling

Control Wi-Fi for devices during specific times.


Managing your Wi-Fi 6 is quick and easy with the Linksys App. Simply download the app to configure and take control of your home.

  • What is a Plume Superpod?
    The Plume Superpod is a new generation router. It’s small, subtle and plugs discretely into a wall socket. But don’t let its size fool you - it delivers powerful Wi-Fi signal! Your Superpod uses Tri-band Wi-Fi to connect all your devices at the fastest possible speed.
  • I have some Wi-Fi blackspots in my home. Can the Plume Superpod help?
    It certainly can. Say goodbye to temperamental signal boosters that can reduce your Wi-Fi speed and clutter up your home. Superpods on the same network can work together using mesh technology. This means you can simply purchase an extra Superpod and expand your Wi-Fi network, bringing ultra-fast Full Fibre broadband to every corner of your home.

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