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Join together to bring Full Fibre to Bovingdon Green and Frieth Road

Bovingdon Green and Frieth Road is close to a nearby Full Fibre broadband network that is currently outside our build plans. If your home is situated within one of the postcodes listed on this page, you live in a 'Network Extension Area' that has been identified as a future location to bring our network to.


In order to extend Swish Fibre’s lightning-fast broadband network to homes in this area, we require 130 properties to commit to taking the service for a minimum term of 12 months.

This page provides further details and options for signing up for the service. 



Signed up so far


Postcodes within the Network Extension Plan

SL7 2JF, SL7 2JG, SL7 2JH, SL7 2JJ, SL7 2JL, SL7 2JQ, SL7 2QP, SL7 2QR, SL7 2QS,
SL7 2QT, SL7 2QU, SL7 2QX, SL7 2HP,
SL7 2HR, SL7 2HS, SL7 2HU, SL7 3BU


Pre-order Swish in your network extension, using the form below

Once we have enough commitment we’ll load orders, send confirmations and commence the work (subject to us agreeing any wayleaves that may be required. Certain properties, connected to the route across private land,  may require wayleave (right of way) to get an installation and we’ll be working in the background to secure these with the landowners.


Help spread the word in your community

By talking to your neighbours and encouraging them to sign up, we can commence work when we hit the required demand. Also talking to any landowners regarding possible wayleave restrictions may help progress.  


We'll keep you up to date at every stage.

You’ll be able to see the progress with orders on this web page. Once were successful in getting enough demand we’ll keep you up to speed with our build plans too.



Signed up so far



Once 130 properties have signed up we'll commence the build in your area.

Register For Full Fibre Now

All you need to do is select a speed and what else you are interested in, then enter your contact and property details where you want Swish Fibre to be installed.

Please choose a speed
I'm interested in

Please enter your details

How would you like to be addressed?
First name
Last name
Email address
Telephone number
House No. (or name) and Street name

Thank you for completing the form. Please check your inbox for further details of what happens next.


Spread the word and it won't just be your fibre that speeds up.

By talking to your neighbours and encouraging them to sign up, we can commence work when we hit the required demand. Also talking to any landowners regarding possible wayleave restrictions may help progress.  

Spread the word

Network Extensions Frequently Asked Questions.


What happens once I've registered for the service?

We’ll collect the registrations until we’ve hit the target number. Once we’ve hit the target number we’ll contact you and turn your registration into an order.


When will the service become available?

The work will take a bit of time once we’ve got to the target number of registrations. We cant give you an exact date just now but will keep you up to speed as we go. As time goes on (and we get the target, start the work) we’ll be able to provide more information.


When can I get the service at my home?

Your service will start once you have had the installation into your property. We will discuss installation with you as part of a site survey and you won’t pay anything until this point.


My property is literally just outside one of the listed postcodes, can I still get the service?

If your property is just outside the shaded area, perhaps on one of the private roads that connects to the main route, then we may be able to provide the service to you. Depending on where you are there may be construction charges to get the service to you. Please contact us to discuss options in more detail.


Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes, as you are in a network extension area we require a minimum term of 12 months.


Are there installation charges?

There is an activation fee of £50 and a standard installation fee of £200. If the property is fed from the air/telegraph pole, has a duct already in place (a lead in) or is a ‘soft’ dig of less than 20m then this is broadly a standard installation. Before undertaking any work our team will do a preinstallation survey to identify any bespoke installations (for example long drives) that may require a quote.


Can I upgrade to a faster speed during the contract?

Yes, if you choose Swish 400 and wish to upgrade to Swish 900, you can do so within the original contract terms.

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