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Delivering the digital revolution for the ultimate 
smart living environment

With broadband widely considered the fourth utility and gigabit-capable connectivity now a requirement for new developments, we’re on a mission to make sure new-build homes benefit from the UK’s fastest* broadband network from the ground up.

Our 10,000 Mbps Full Fibre broadband network lays the foundation for property developers to unlock the full value of the homes they sell for buyers now and 10 years down the line.

* Speedtest taken on 28 May 2021, click here for full details.

Working in partnership with


of buyers simply won’t consider a property with sluggish broadband service


Homes with poor internet speeds sell for an average of £38,902 less that the market value*

Build the home of the future today

The average UK home has around 10 internet connected devices, and it’s set to rise to as much as 50 by the end of 2023. And all these smart devices need bandwidth.

Unlock the lifestyle your homes are selling with a strong, reliable and fast Full Fibre broadband connection.


TV unlocked

Say hello to 4K streaming, competitive online gaming, crystal clear video calls, smart home living and working from home without disruption - across multiple screens at the same time – day and night.


Smart Living

Technology is an integral
part of your buyers’ lifestyle; powerful and reliable connectivity for smart appliances and exercise equipment is important for buyers and should be considered from the outset.


Powered by Swish

Our flagship 900 Mbps service provides homeowners with an endless supply of connectivity. With equally high download and upload speeds, homeowners can throw the proverbial kitchen-sink at it.  


Just work

Full Fibre delivers equally impressive upload speeds, making bandwidth intensive cloud-based activities trouble-free. Full Fibre offers zero disruption to video conferencing and accessing business networks to upload and download large files.

Wi-fi across the home


Our smart Wi-Fi software is designed to intelligently manage internet coverage in every corner of the home, so homeowners can get the most of their broadband with no interruptions.


Run fast and pedal with confidence

Health and fitness tech like Peloton and Zwift will run like a breeze, wherever it is situated in the property


Safe and secure 

with Swish

Coupled with a Static IP address reserved only for the property, homeowners can be assured that their security system and cameras are super secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Home of the future
Gigabit capable broadband is no longer an add on, it’s a requirement

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) now requires all new build developments to provide gigabit-capable connectivity to help meet the government’s broadband targets. 

Laying the foundations from the start of a developments’ build phase removes the higher costs of having to retrofit the required civil works later on. 

Our Swish partnership is tailor-made to support developers through this requirement, including a range of commercial offers to help manage and support the costs. Our expert team also provides consultation services for how to meet the complex requirements and roll out Full Fibre gigabit-capable services to developments in rural and urban areas. 

This move from the DCMS reinforces the fact that broadband is no longer an option, it is a utility that is crucial for both the economy and our way of life.

Building better homes together

Swish work in partnership with all types of organisation in the development industry. We have a number of market-leading commercial offers available for partners – please contact us to find out more.

Swish Partnership
Bringing Full Fibre to your development

We provide each property with a unique Full Fibre path capable of delivering top speeds. Most networks in the UK can’t do this because they incorporate existing copper wires from the nearby cabinet into the property. 


1. Technical Survey

Our project manager and experienced Installation Team will perform a site survey at the development, working closely with your build contractors to map the route of Full Fibre using your existing utilities ducts to where the Fibre enters each property.


2. Due Diligence

As part of the government ambition to improve and expand the current national gigabit-capable network coverage to 85% by 2025, it will be a legal requirement for developers to receive a technical consultation from a broadband operator. We can provide this as part of your due diligence process.


3. Design

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide you with the technical design and your CAD drawings, offering a seamless service between the design and build phase of your project.


4. Wayleaves

We’ll need you to sign our ‘wayleaves agreement’ to install our network and equipment onto your site. You'll also need to confirm you’re happy with the route and where the Full Fibre directly enters each property.


5. Install

Our team will perform a ‘dark’ installation during the development's build phase. A Swish microduct and Full Fibre cable will be installed along the agreed route. We will then use your ducts to enter the utility cupboard location of each property and then pre-install an Omnibox and an Optical Network Termination point (‘ONT’) in each Premise. 


6. Go Live

The Swish Fibre service is ready to be activated by the homeowner when they decide to sign up on moving in. We’ll provide homeowners with information on our different products and services to make sure they pick the package best suited to their needs.

Beyond the build
Beyond the build

Our site-wide solution is designed to give both you and homeowners a hassle-free transition to a Full Fibre broadband future.


Technology that's

Our next-gen service and routers deliver exceptional signal, which can support the metaverse and latest technologies including Virtual Reality. If necessary, Swish Pods can be used to boost our Wi-Fi connectivity.


3 months free 
Full Fibre

We offer residents at your Premises a full fibre installation of our Swish 900* plan (900mbps) for 3 months free of charge, with a value in excess of £500 per Premise.

No contract beyond free period

Beyond our 3 months free broadband offering, customers can enter into a monthly rolling contract without any lengthy contract commitments.

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