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Get your first 3 months free with an 18-month price-locked contract.


150 Mbps Upload + Download

Super fast speeds and all the

reliability of Full Fibre as you work, surf, and play.

18 month contract

£30 per month

Free activation 

No Contract?
No Problem.

All the power of Full Fibre on a rolling monthly payment plan you can leave at any time, with no strings attached.

Rolling monthly contract means that you can leave at any time.

£30pm for monthly Swish 150 rolling contract, contact us for details

400 Mbps Upload + Download

Hyper-fast speeds for larger households requiring room-to-room reliability for working, streaming and surfing all at the same time.

18 month contract

£45 £40 per month

Free activation 

Rolling monthly contract

£45 per month

Free activation 

900 Mbps Upload + Download

Supercharged, ultra-reliable broadband. Serious speeds to make light work of the heavy lifting for large families, gamers, and power users.

18 month contract

£50 per month

Free activation 

Rolling monthly contract

£50 per month

Free activation 

*This offer is only available on our 18-month contracts and means you’ll receive the first 3 months for free, so you only pay the monthly charge for the remaining 15 months of the contract. Offer can be withdrawn at any time.

Free activation is available to residential customers only


Stream On

Bye bye buffering. Bags of bandwidth to handle multiple streams at the same time.

Game On

Instant play with zero delay. Download, upload and stream simultaneously for seamless, glitch-free gaming.

Always On

With equal download and upload speeds, get used to crystal clear video calls with no disruptions.

On Your Terms

Choose flexibility with month-to-month payments, or lock in your price with an 18-month contract.


What Your Neighbours Say


Join the UK's fastest    broadband network**

Swish Fibre is a Full Fibre broadband provider, bringing truly exceptional connectivity services to homes and businesses. Our goal is clear and simple – to improve lifestyles and enhance communities by instantly connecting people and businesses beyond today’s broadband.

** Please contact Swish at for more details.

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