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Helping people work, surf and play beyond the limitations of today’s broadband network.

Swish Fibre a full-fibre broadband provider, bringing truly exceptional connectivity services to homes and businesses in the South of England in 2020. Our goal is clear and simple – to improve lifestyles and enhance communities by instantly connecting people and businesses beyond today’s broadband.

News & Updates.

All the latest from the new name for lightning-fast fibre broadband.

Swish Fibre apply for Code Powers from Ofcom

Swish Fibre’s Code Powers application was announced today, bringing the new name for full fibre optic broadband tantalisingly closer to realising its vision for better connected people, business and services across the UK.

Yes, Prime Minister, I have fibre broadband… don’t I?

On 24 July 2019, Boris Johnson used his very first speech as Prime Minister outside 10 Downing Street to outline his vision for strengthening and uniting the UK. Alongside education and road and rail infrastructure, he cited full-fibre broadband as a key part of his plans.

We are Swish.

We built Swish to deliver true ultrafast fibre broadband, connecting families and businesses via consistent and lightning fast speeds, on a network that is endlessly upgradable and future-proofed for generations.


We are an experienced team, with a reputation for successfully implementing UK and global infrastructure projects, which generate exceptional customer service and high IRR to investors.