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Swish Fibre Vulnerable Customer Policy

Swish treats vulnerable customers fairly and gives them the help and support they need to use our services effectively.

1. Who is a vulnerable customer?

We understand that there are different circumstances (both temporary and permanent) that may mean you are a vulnerable customer. This may include factors such as:

  • age;

  • a physical or learning disability;

  • a physical or mental illness;

  • low literacy or communication difficulties;

  • a change in circumstances (for example, bereavement, job loss etc); and/or

  • financial difficulties due to low income or a reduction in regular household income


2. Identifying a vulnerable customer

We encourage you to inform us when first taking our service if you consider that you may be a vulnerable customer or if you require any extra help or support or have any specific accessibility or customer service needs. We would particularly encourage you to let us know if you are reliant on a landline, or your internet connection, for making telephone calls, e.g. if you do not have a mobile phone.  This can be done by contacting us through any of the options listed in the ‘Contact us’ section.


We would also encourage you to inform us at any time of changes in your circumstances that may make you vulnerable or in need of extra help and support. Again, please contact us through any of the options listed in the ‘Contact us’ section below.


When you let us know that you are vulnerable, we may log that information on our customer care systems. This is so that, if you deal with our agents again in the future, they’ll be aware of your circumstances, and you won’t have to explain them each time you contact us. We would like to reassure you that all information collected by us will be processed and managed in accordance with our privacy policy - From time to time, we may check this information with you to ensure that our records remain up to date.

3. How will Swish support vulnerable customers?

We provide the following help and support for vulnerable customers:

  • Accessible formats: We can supply large print, braille or audio versions of any documentation including any bills or invoices. Please contact our Customer Care Team using any of the options listed in the ‘Contact us’ section below if you would like to receive documents in these formats.


  • Third party management, including bill management: You can appoint someone else, such as a relative, trusted friend or carer, to speak to us about your account, receive copies of your bills and pay your bills. To set this up, please contact our Customer Care Team. You will need to provide proof that they have Power of Attorney or are an appointed Deputy if you want this person to make decisions about your account, e.g. to change your package or close your account.


  • Priority Fault Repair: Whenever possible, you will be prioritised for any fault repair works in the event of a loss of service.


  • Debt challenges: If you’re struggling with money or your financial position has changed, we’re here to help. Please contact us through any of the options listed in the ‘Contact us’ section below. 

  • Emergency Video Relay (999 BSL):  This service allows British Sign Language (BSL) users to make a video call to the emergency services via an interpreter. The interpreter translates what the deaf user is signing into spoken English for the emergency services operator, and signs what the operator is saying to the deaf user. For further information about how to use 999 BSL service, please visit their website:

​4. Contact us

Our Customer Care Team are always on hand to provide the necessary assistance and to answer any queries that you may have for us. There are three different ways to contact us if you have any questions about this policy or wish to let us know that you are a vulnerable customer. We’re here to support you.

By Telephone

You can give our Customer Care Team a ring for free on 0800 048 9415.


By Email

You can email the team on


By Post


It’s not as quick, but if you prefer to send us a letter, you can write to us at:


Customer Care Team,

Swish Fibre Ltd

Swish Fibre

Milford House

Pynes Hill



​5. Improving our services to you


We’re committed to continuously reviewing and improving the services we offer, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of our procedures. Please let our Customer Care team if there is anything that we can do better to support you. 


6. Swish Fibre Group


Swish Fibre is a brand name of Cuckoo Fibre Limited, a company incorporated in England with company registration number 15060036 and whose registered office is at 6th Floor, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT. All references to “Swish” or “Swish Fibre” should be read accordingly.

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