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We just welcomed the first home in Sussex to our network

Tim Morris with the Swish team
Tim Morris with the Swish team

A family in East Grinstead have become the first people in Sussex to connect to our lightning-fast broadband network.

We’re delighted that the Morris family have joined the world of Full Fibre, and like all Swish customers now have access to the UK’s fastest broadband speeds*.

Of course, they won’t be the only people in Sussex enjoying the incredible speeds and reliability of Swish broadband for long. We’ve recently extended our network into the area and are ready for more homes to join.

Dad Tim told us fibre broadband is “the way forward”, so decided to upgrade to Swish while refurbishing his home.

The installation only took an hour and a half, which Tim said was “really great”.

“We’re a family of four. We’ve all got iPads and stream, so will be using our broadband for that sort of thing,” he added.

Tim and his family join thousands of other households who have decided to future-proof their homes by upgrading to Full Fibre broadband. The 10,000Mbps-capable network means that no matter how fast internet speeds get, or how much your home’s internet demands increase, the Swish network will be able to handle it.

Want to experience fast and reliable Full fibre broadband in your home? See if Swish is available on your street today.

Even if our network hasn’t reached your home yet, you can leave your details and we’ll get in touch when we’re ready to connect you.

*Contact Swish at for more details.


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