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Swish’s first customer in Banbury is now live!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Here at Swish Fibre we’re always delighted when we extend our Full Fibre network to the next town, or even to the next home. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our first customer in Banbury is now live, enjoying lightning-fast broadband throughout their house!

Steve Hern’s home in Banbury was recently connected to Swish’s Full Fibre broadband by Lee and Lewis, two of our experienced engineers. Steve is the latest customer to get access to the UK’s fastest broadband*.

On his decision to join Swish, Steve said: “I’d seen the adverts in and around Banbury and a few weeks ago got to talking to a Swish Fibre engineer on the street. He was genuinely so lovely and such an advocate for the company that I decided to go for it.

“What really impressed me about Swish Fibre is the symmetrical upload and download speeds they offer which is unique. To my knowledge, no other providers can compete with that.

“I also really like the fact that I’m not being locked into a long-term contract and in general have found the customer service and sales team to be very good indeed. They’re not hidden behind a switchboard in a call centre. The personal touch of having such genuine people on the other end of the phone has been really refreshing”

Why choose Swish?

Banbury is just one of the many locations we’re bringing ultra-fast Full Fibre broadband to. Swish have plans to add many more towns and villages across the UK to our network in the coming months, bringing fast, reliable Full Fibre broadband to even more people. Many providers who claim to offer super-fast broadband actually use Fake Fibre connections. This means that the final connection between the fibre network and your home is completed with old copper cables, giving you sub-par connection speeds. At Swish we only provide Full Fibre broadband, meaning the fibre cables go right up to your home. What’s more, our record-breaking 10,000Mbps capable network means you won’t need any more engineer visits to upgrade in the future.

The UK is getting ready to switch off its old copper telephone wire which most traditional internet connections run on, so by extending our Full Fibre network we’ll also be helping homes to future-proof themselves against the coming changes. If you have any concerns about this feel free to get in touch with us on 0800 0489415 or by email at so we can guide you through the process and discuss the best options for your home.

If, unlike Steve, you don’t have the luck of bumping into one of our knowledgeable engineers, you can learn more about Swish and our service on our website. You can also hear from other satisfied customers over on our Trustpilot page.

*Speed test taken on 28 May 2021. See website for full details.


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