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Gigabit capable broadband is no longer an add on, it's a requirement​

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

houses being built

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has announced that a central part of meeting the government’s broadband targets is for new build developments to be required to provide gigabit-capable connectivity. The policy proposal has been outlined in ‘New Build Developments: Delivering gigabit-capable connections’.

Housing developers will need to work alongside network operators, who will contribute to the costs, to provide these connections across the UK. The accelerated deployment of new networks provides the opportunity for new builds to have gigabit capable connectivity from the outset rather than after the build phase which will see higher costs for the necessary civil works.

A technical consultation is required under the Building Act 1984, and will collate the views from the public on the proposal. This opened on 21st December 2021 and will close on 28th February 2022; to find out more information please click here.

Our Swish Partnership is designed to support housing developers through this legal requirement. Not only do we have a number of fantastic commercial offers available to help manage and support the costs, but we can provide consultation services to guide you through the complex requirements and how to deploy full fibre gigabit services to developments in rural or urban areas.

This move from the DCMS reinforces the fact that broadband is no longer an option, it is a utility that is crucial for both the economy and our way of life.


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