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Promotion Terms
These terms and conditions are dated 9th Jan 2024

Residential Fixed Term Contract (18-months and 12-months)  

Our residential Fixed Term Contract is a contract for the provision of broadband services listed in which we fix the price payable by you in return for you taking those services for a minimum period at the fixed price*.  

Flexibility to upgrade and downgrade services 

Mid-contract upgrades: during the contract period you may upgrade your broadband services to any higher available speed tier (i.e., from 150mbps to 400mbps or 900mbs), for the remainder of the contract period (i.e., you won’t have to commit to a new minimum period). The upgraded services will be charged at the advertised price at the date we receive your request, which shall be payable by you for the remainder of the minimum period, but no other upgrade fees or charges will apply.   

Mid-contract downgrade: during the minimum period you may also downgrade your services to the next lowest speed tier (i.e., from 900mbps to 400mbps, or from 400mbps to 150mbps). You can do this in one of two ways: either pay the cancellation charges for the current contract and enter into a new contract based on your requirements e.g. monthly rolling, of fixed term; or enter into a new fixed term contract for the downgraded services for a new minimum period of 18 months (or nearest equivalent if an 18 month fixed term contract is not available) in which case you won’t have to pay cancellation charges on your cancelled services.  

Free Installation (no activation fees) 

Our 18-month Residential Fixed Term Contract comes with no installation or activation fees (usually £90) if you sign up for the 18-month fixed term contract during the Offer Period** 

Promotional Terms and Conditions  

  • This Residential Fixed-Term Contract (18 months) offer is available to Residential customers only (Including existing customers wanting to switch) and shall run from 9am on 15th April 2024 until 09:59 on 1st July 2024 2024 (“Offer Period”).

  • · This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or transferred to another account holder once accepted by us.

  • · The price applies to the specific broadband services listed only and doesn’t include any optional extras such as voice services, which are charged at standard rates and may be subject to change during the 18-month, or 12-month period in accordance with our standard terms.

  • · We reserve the right to amend, cancel, or suspend this offer at any time without notice to you.

  • · Provision of services is subject to survey.

  • · the Residential Fixed Term Contract (18-month, or 12-month) is provided on our standard terms and conditions (October 2023) which includes an obligation to pay early termination charges if you terminate the contract before the minimum period has expired.

  • · ** activation fees cover our costs for provisioning the services for individual customers (e.g., configuring systems and equipment) and will be payable in full as part of our cancellation charges if you terminate the services prior to expiry of the minimum period.

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