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Build your career. Build your future. Build something better together.

Go Beyond. We’re building the team to build a better future for better connected lives for generations to come.

At Swish we don't just focus on what we do, but how we do it. Everyone lives by a shared set of values - to be adventurous, to be straightforward and be together as a team in achieving our goals. 


Our Values are simple

Our values exist in every person in our team, because they recognise them as their own.


Be Adventurous

  • You relish responsibility and being empowered to innovate

  • You are open to new ideas and taking the lead on pursuing them

  • You are curious and inquisitive and enjoy spotting new opportunities, big and small

  • You believe anything is possible and thrive on making things happen

  • You celebrate your personal passions and life outside of work


Be Straightforward

  • You are open and clear in how you communicate, share and interact with others

  • You keep things simple and create clarity, however complex the underlying matter may be

  • You speak out for the greater good of Swish, however uncomfortable this makes you feel

  • You take ownership of your responsibilities and deliver results over process

  • You are clear and concise when you talk and write


Be Together

  • We are confident to be outwardly humble

  • We place team before personal ego and grow together

  • We communicate freely without fear of criticism

  • We support each other and call out when we need it

  • We recognise the vital role we all play in being successful

  • We treat each other with respect, without exception


Swish is building an exciting and inclusive high-performance culture where our team feel empowered

This means we welcome discussions around flexible working hours. We also understand the value of diversity, and we are dedicated to promoting gender, ethnic, socio-economic, LGBT and disability equality, to make sure we back up our words with actions. Everyone at Swish are given the opportunity to develop new skills, aim higher and accelerate their careers. 


+ Balance

Swish +

Beyond Benefits

We’re building the best team to build a better future for better connected lives for generations to come.


We are building a collaborative team environment where your career and wellbeing will thrive, but we go beyond these to offer you access to benefits designed to empower.

Built to last. Our ‘beyond broadband’ vision is powered by an initial investment in excess of £250m over the next few years. But this is only the beginning.

Owned by Fern Trading Group, Swish Fibre is seeking great talent to join its core team. We’re only just getting started. Join us and build your career over the coming decade and beyond.


Beyond Brilliant. At Swish we don't just focus on what we do, but how we do it. Everyone lives by a shared set of values - to be adventurous, to be straightforward, and be together as a team.

We’re building the future. Build a better career with us. Swish is hiring.

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