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This one trick will make Christmas Day gaming a LOT more enjoyable

Christmas Day is one of the few days of the year when gamers can sit with a controller in their hands for hours on end without any guilt. It’s Christmas after all, right? And who can blame you for wanting to try out the awesome new games or consoles you've just received?

If you’re treating someone (or even yourself) to some new games for Christmas, here’s a simple trick to employ in order to get in the most gaming time on December 25 and make the day run a little smoother.

It might sound like you’ll ruin the excitement of Christmas morning, but you should open up the games a few days before Christmas Day.

Why? Most games these days require some sort of downloadable content in order to work. Usually this isn’t seen a massive problem, but if you’re trying to cram in as much gaming before Christmas dinner you don’t want to spend the morning waiting for them to download.

Christmas Day is also a day of heavy internet usage in most homes. The kids will be streaming Christmas films while relatives are trying to video call to see the excitement, meaning that download times will probably be even longer than usual.

But by setting up the games early you can avoid all of this.

If you’re planning on downloading all your games you can see how fast the biggest titles of 2022 can be downloaded use Swish’s Full Fibre broadband compared to the UK’s average internet speed over on our Instagram page.


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