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Spring clean your home network with Plume Superpods

Updated: Apr 4

Many Swish home internet packages come with a Plume Superpod router included*. They're small, subtle and discreet but don't be fooled these little pods really pack a punch - from enhanced security and parental controls to nifty AI features that help your network adapt to provide the most efficient Wi-Fi experience.

The HomePass mobile app is easy to use and puts you in control of your home network; keeping you, your family and your devices safe.

Simple steps to declutter and secure your network with the HomePass app

The clocks have changed, the nights are getting longer and the snowdrops have bloomed. Spring is well and truly sprung and it's not just your house that needs a spring clean. There are some simple steps you can take on your HomePass app to give your network security a bit of a dusting off.

  1. Remove unwanted devices from your router. To view a list of all client devices connected to your network, open the People & Devices page and tap on the Devices button

  2. Refresh your security settings with Guard. Simply log-in to the Homepass app, click on Guard and ensure you have security features enabled

  3. Block website with Guard. From the Home page on your app, tap on the Guard Events and click on the + icon in the top right. Enter the website you want to block and who you want to block it from

  4. Take control and create freezes and timeouts. Great for ensuring children aren't accessing the internet past bedtime (it works on adults too). Open the app and navigate to Control where you can create schedules and freeze activity

  5. Alleviate Wi-Fi blackspots with additional pods. Superpods on the same network can work together using mesh technology. This means you can simply purchase an extra Superpod and expand your Wi-Fi network, bringing ultra-fast Full Fibre broadband to every corner of your home.

  6. Create Guest Wi-Fi for all your half-term visitors. It's easy to do and means that you decide what aspects of your network your guests can access. Head to Adapt on your app and click the cog to open up settings - from here you can create a guest network and decide who gets access to what.

To see more Plume Superpod features visit

*Plume Superpod available on Swish 150 and Swish 400 packages


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