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Swish Home Wi-Fi

The smart and small Plume Superpod is all you need

Swish takes your broadband service to another level, not only with our blisteringly fast Full Fibre speeds, but also with our home Wi-Fi, which enables you to enjoy the experience of your ultrafast connection throughout your home.

Our Home and Home Worker packages come with a Plume Superpod router included as standard, delivering fast Wi-Fi connections and smart features that enable you to control and protect your home network.

adapt app screen


Plume uses cloud AI to maintain the most efficient Wi-Fi configuration for your Swish network, unlike traditional Wi-Fi boosters and routers.


This means the network is constantly adapting as new devices connect or move around the home to give you the best signal.

The Superpod also works out which devices need the fastest connection, so you’ll never drop out on a video call or miss a vital gaming move again.


An extensive range of parental controls lets you set what times the kids can access the internet. Spotted an unfamiliar person on your network? With the Plume Superpod you can instantly disconnect any device with a simple tap.

For added peace of mind, you can also filter content, block websites and ads for all or some of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

The ability to create temporary guest networks also allows visitors to use your ultrafast connection without needing to share your Wi-Fi password.

control screen on the app with a plume pod
guard screen on the app


Anti-virus software on your computer is no longer enough to keep you and your home safe from cyber criminals. This is why Swish provides comprehensive network security as standard to all our users.

Using AI, Guard is constantly evolving to protect against malware, spyware and phishing attacks as well as being ever watchful for smart home hackers.


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