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Holograms? End of copper? Swish CSO explains the future of broadband and tech in radio interview

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Alistair sat down with the hosts of The Morning Brew on River Radio
Alistair sat down with the hosts of The Morning Brew on River Radio

Swish Fibre Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Alistair Goulden recently dropped in to River Radio to discuss Full Fibre broadband and how Swish are making it available to people in the Thames Valley.

Throughout the interview on the Morning Brew show he chatted about the future of home tech, explained why fibre broadband will soon be in every home in the UK and, of course, shared some of his favourite tunes with hosts Nikky Smart, Amy Gerish and Sam Sethi.

You can listen to the full interview, but we’ve pulled out some short clips you can listen to below.

Fake Fibre - what is it?

It sounds complicated but Alistair breaks down how Full Fibre works and why customers should avoid Fake Fibre copper cable broadband.

“The copper network is going to be switched off”

The shock and confusion can be heard in the hosts’ voices when Alistair delivers this news. It sounds alarming, but joining Swish is a simple way to navigate this change as our Full Fibre broadband doesn’t rely on the old copper cables, meaning it won’t be affected by the change.

“Holographic technology is here”

Once it was only found in science fiction, but now holograms are becoming part of everyday life. But of course, it needs a lightning-fast and reliable broadband connection to work properly.

Alistair with Amy Gerish, ones of the hosts
Alistair with Amy Gerish, ones of the hosts

“Enabler for growth”

Alistair explains how faster broadband is essential for people, both on an individual and societal level, to move forward.

Full service

Swish are known for our fantastic Trustpilot scores which, as Alistair explains, is due to the incredible work from our engineers and customer service teams.


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