The UK’s fastest Gigabit-speed broadband is coming to Bourne End

Swish Fibre, part of the Fern Trading Group, is delighted to bring Gigabit-speed internet connectivity to the doorstep of homes and businesses across Bourne End.


As part of a £250 million-pound investment to create a state-of-the-art 10,000Mbps full-fibre network in the Home Counties, we will shortly be installing our network in your street

Where we are building in Bourne End

As we begin to build in Bourne End we will  share a more detailed plan of where we are building down to a street by street level.


Register your interest to keep up to date with progress in your area

We hope you are excited to learn that you will be able to join only 8% of the UK population in becoming a Gigabit Home broadband customer later this year. 


In the meantime, you can register your interest at to be kept up to date with progress in the area, along with product announcements and offers.

Transforming Bourne End into a world leading digital town with the highest internet speed in the UK, benefiting the community and businesses alike.

How to stay in touch 

We're committed to being a part of your community and we're here to answer any questions you might have.


Coming soon... Dedicated online chat for residents.

We are in the process of setting up an online chat facility, dedicated to the residents of Bourne End. 

Regular live video calls with the Swish Fibre team.


Whilst the majority of our team can't be on the ground engaging with the community we are going to host a series of video conferences, giving you the opportunity to speak directly to a key member of the Swish leadership team.

Our team are available on the phone or email


News & Updates.

All the latest from the new name for lightning-fast fibre broadband.

Swish Fibre announces initial full-fibre broadband plans for the Home Counties

Swish Fibre Ltd has today announced initial roll-out plans to bring coverage of their 10 Gigabit per second full-fibre network to eleven locations across the M4 corridor and Chiltern line.


Swish Fibre funding unlocks £250m investment in UK full-fibre and job creation

Swish Fibre Ltd has today announced a long-term funding deal that unlocks its ambitious plans to transform full-fibre broadband access in the UK and help boost the nation’s coverage levels from 34th position to number one in the world rankings.


Top Frequently asked questions.


How will the COVID-19 pandemic be affecting your plans for Bourne End?

Broadband plays an essential role in the functioning of our society and economy, which is why the Government believes that national infrastructure projects that connect communities and businesses are more imperative than ever. At present the Government designates telecommunications work being undertaken by Swish Fibre and construction partner MGM Utilities under the “key worker” category.


In accordance with current Government guidance to continue outdoor work, we have taken the decision to keep our construction teams on the ground in Bourne End.


We will continuously monitor the situation and modify our approach in line with any changes in guidance with immediate effect.


Our commitment to health and safety remains paramount at all times, which is why all of our construction teams are equipped with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) as standard. Alongside hi-viz protective clothing and hats, this includes masks, gloves and hand sanitisers.


While we continue with the planned construction in Bourne End, we have already taken further action to play our part in fighting this new disease. Our offices are now closed, and all staff are fully set up to work remotely. This will mean we can continue to work and respond to any support or questions you may have regarding our operations.


The team will also be continuously updating a dedicated web-page for the residents of Bourne End at This page includes build updates, frequently-asked-questions and opportunities to speak with the Swish team, including regular online video calls.


While we had originally planned to have the Swish team on the ground to meet and discuss the project with you, the website will now serve as both the go-to source of information and our main communication channel with you until further notice.


In terms of our teams delivering these letters, we can ensure you that both their and your safety is our primary concern and we are strictly following government recommendations. All our teams are directed to regularly wash their hands during the work being undertaken and this will be enforced by senior team members on the ground.


Despite everything going on around us, we are deeply committed to our promise to deliver Bourne End a state-of-the-art broadband network that will help the community thrive for countless generations to come in the future.


Stay safe and please get in touch via the dedicated web-page if you have any further questions. 


What is involved with installing Swish Fibre networks?

Like all utility companies, our network installation involves digging trenches. However, Swish use a variety of trenching methods in order to minimise traffic disruption and time spent in your area. At the same time, our engineers will install street cabinets for our high speed fibre connections. 


Do you have permission to install cabinets in my street?

Yes. Swish Fibre has been granted Code Powers by Ofcom and all other necessary permissions to undertake the work required. We have worked closely with your local authority to ensure the planning and coordination of our build programme is achieved to a high standard. All cabinet locations have been approved by the local authority. 


Where can I find information on the progress of the network installation?

We are currently building a dedicated online web-page for the Bourne End community at This will include, build plans, an evolving bank of frequently-asked-questions and opportunities to speak with the Swish team. We are committed to providing regular updates here to keep you informed of progress.


How long will you be building in my area?

We will write to each household directly up to 14 days in advance of commencing construction work in your immediate vicinity. Once work commences on the public highway outside your home, you will be able to access your property throughout the build. This work usually takes no more than a few days outside each home.

You can find out where we are currently building on our Build Update page here.


Will my street be closed to traffic and will you leave my street the same way you found it?

Information about the start and end date of any road closure will be published on by your local authority. Swish Fibre will be issued a permit by the local authority prior to any works commencing. If we need to undertake any excavation work on the road or the pavement, we will reinstate it as close to the original surface as possible. For example, we will re-instate existing paving slabs or apply a covering of new tarmac, which will blend in to the existing pavement over time.


What happens if I have a problem with the works being carried out?

As homeowners, we appreciate that any disruption can be unsettling, which is why our construction partner – MGM Utilities – has been carefully selected to ensure the necessary work is completed efficiently and safely. To date, MGM has laid over 1 million meters of full-fibre cable across 52 individual projects, with NO reportable incidents to the Health and Safety Executive. 


Should you have any queries while construction is being undertaken, you can get in touch with our contractor on 01733 214304 or the Swish Team at


When will I be able to get ultrafast full fibre broadband from Swish Fibre?

We’ll be in touch with you once your home is ready to be connected to our network. In the meantime, you can register your interest at to be kept up to date with progress.

While the disruption outside your property will be brief, you will soon be able to say goodbye to the daily disruptions you may be experiencing due to slow and inconsistent broadband speeds. 


Register your interest to keep up to date with progress

We hope you are excited to learn that you will be able to join only 8% of the UK population in becoming a Gigabit Home broadband customer later this year. 


In the meantime, you can register your interest at to be kept up to date with progress in the area, along with product announcements and offers.